A B O U T   bigbangonline.org
The bigbangonline suite of codes is a cloud computing system that enables researchers to simulate the creation of the light elements in the Early Universe.

Some of the main features of the bigbangonline suite include:

• work with thermonuclear reaction rates, simulations, and abundance observations
• operates "in the cloud" – you need an internet connection
• forms a "virtual pipeline" to process laboratory results into cosmology predictions
• upload your reaction rate or modify an existing rate and use in simulations
• upload your astrophysical observations or use popular values to constrain the baryon density
• save your work on our server, quickly share with other Users
• graphical user interface (GUI) is a platform-independent java application
• easy-to-follow GUI simplifies complex manipulations and tasks
• Big Bang Nucleosynthesis central "engine" is the Kawano Code
• Monte Carlo algorithm from Smith, Kawano, Malaney, Ap. J. Suppl. 85 (1993) 219
• customizable, publication-quality plots including uncertainty bands on abundance predictions and baryon density constraints
• registered Users get free disk space on our server and access to all functions
• sample investigations available that are appropriate for high school, college, and graduate school students
download JAVA graphical user interface for free at our site

This website also provides extensive resources for studies of the Big Bang.

For more information on our system, please download the bigbangonline Guide.

The bigbangonline team currently includes Michael Smith (PI), Eric Lingerfelt (Lead Developer), Caroline Nesaraja, and Christopher Smith. Funding provided by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Office of Nuclear Physics as part of the U.S. Nuclear Data Program.

For more information or questions on bigbangonline.org, please contact the team by email at coordinator@bigbangonline.org